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Redefine teamwork and make your team more powerful, than ever before.

Flinkwork makes working with workflows easy and fun.
Flinkwork use cases
  • Collect data from internal or public sources
  • Get repeating tasks done reliably
  • Make sure tasks are fully completed with checklists
  • Guide through maintenance processes
  • Get structured work documentation
  • Integrate with other tools with webhooks and the Flinkwork API
  • and more ...
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Work more collaborative
Flinkwork has team work coded in its system. Every user can leave comments in every workflow for everybody else to see. This way all relevant information can be handed over to everyone else involved in the workflow.
Design workflows from scratch with an easy-to-use integrated editor. Now, every user, from rookie to expert can create workflows within minutes.
Now teams can stay focused on their essential tasks. Flinkwork will guide teams through chore and keep everybody concentrated on the core business.
Flinkwork scales from startups to large scale teams. Flinkwork is the fastest way to get every team running reliably.
Wherever you are
Flinkwork comes optimized for your tablet and smart phone. So you can run workflows from wherever you are at any time. This makes Flinkwork the optimal companion for teams working in the field.
Transparency included
Flinkwork shows relevant statisitcs and KPIs for every workflow. This way you can stay on top of what's going on in your teams.
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  • all features from paid plans (no limitations)
  • collaborate with up to 3 users
  • work with up to 5 active workflows simultaneously
  • use up to 500MB storage
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  • It's absolutely free and will stay free forever